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Interview with ODEYSSE

ODEYSSE is one of the most successful promo groups in Sri Lanka that arranges electronic music events and regularly invites progressive house international stars. The list of the ODEYSSE parties headliners are impressive: Dmitry Molosh, Ezequiel Arias, ANTRIM, Mariano Mellino, Sebastian Busto, Praveen Achary, Weired sounding dude and others.
The next party featuring Guy Mantzur will take place in Colombo on May 10th. We talked to Revan Ranasinghe, the owner of the ODEYSSE, discussed current situation and his upcomings plans.

Revan, hello! Thanks for joining us. How are you?

-Hello Svetlana, doing good. Hope same goes with you thank you so much for getting onboard for the interview.

How and when did you come up with the idea to start ODEYSSE? What did inspire you?

-I came up with the idea in February 2022. Dmitry Molosh was the first international performer. I’ve been a fan of Dmitry’s music since 2016 and have always wanted to see him perform live in Sri Lanka. That was my primary motivation for organizing events.

Please, tell us more about the upcoming May event featuring Guy Mantzur. Why did you choose this artist? Is it your personal choice or a trend?

-Guy Mantzur, a well-known figure in the progressive scene, hasn’t performed in Colombo in eight years, and I’ve wanted to see him perform ever since I started throwing events. We are excited to welcome the legend to Colombo in the famous Lotus Tower, where we will be joined by other local artists and a special guest Bachir Salloum.

In general what determines the choice of event location – Colombo city or Downsouth (beach area)? 

-The center of Sri Lanka is Colombo, where many people travel for raves because it’s handy for them. We also adore the South, having hosted Two performances there with Dmitry Molosh and Ezequiel Arias. The primary cause of Colombo’s convenience.

 I noticed that in Sri Lanka events there are no so much tourists. Is there any chance that the situation will change?  What ideas do you have to attract foreign tourists  to the events? 

-Yes, that is what we are focusing on. Our major objective is to boost tourism by promoting artists and working with Sri Lankan travel agencies to attract more visitors to events. On the other hand, there is a fair amount of footfall down south.

What are the ODEYSSE future plans? Could you share them with us? 

-We have planned something big on the 28th of September. It will be announced soon.

Thank you, Revan! Keep in touch!


Date: 10.05.2024

Location: Sugar beach, Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka

Line up: Guy Mantzur, Bachir Salloum, Jayy Vibes, ULTRA, Noiyse Project, Thilon Jay, CHIRUKA, Rockka, YOMAL

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